A new running blog, you say?

Hello world! My name is Kendall Weaver and yes, I’ve decided to start a new blog about running. Specifically I wanted to document the continuation of my relatively recent journey into running given that I’ve only been doing it seriously for about a year now. For much of my adult life I ate terribly and didn’t exercise at all. A large part of me doing this is for my own motivation, but hopefully another sedentary IT professional might read some of it and feel compelled to change their life for the better as I did.

But why a blog and not a Facebook page or something?

It’s true that social media is a little more immediate and has more immediate reach, but I find the format to be a little too limiting as I sometimes feel like I have much to say on certain topics. Social media always feels a little too “short form” for me. Plus I like having stuff like this on the big internet rather than having it exist within a social network. There are plenty of other reasons I prefer a blog (archival features, themes, etc), but largely I just like the format.

But who reads blogs anymore?

Actually a lot of runners still use listserv mailing lists to communicate so I feel like a blog should have at least some degree of staying power if I actually use it as intended. And blogs are still widely used in general: many news outlets and other websites that make a living via content generation use blogging platforms at their core.

Okay fine. But do we really need another blog about running?

Probably not, but I’m going to do this anyway. At least for a while. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t go well then I’ll stop and go back to commenting too much on Reddit. I’ll certainly cover a lot of topics that are all over every other running blog, but remember that this is a blog about my running, not a general running blog or a gear review site or anything.

You say you’re a software developer so why are you using WordPress.com?

I’ve spent far too much of my life hosting and maintaining websites for other people so I’m happy to throw money at this particular problem. Besides, WordPress has a rather nice offering that’s pretty inexpensive. Yes I could self host and save a couple bucks per month, but I’d also have the headache of maintaining it. Also I have no particular desire to reinvent this particular wheel. I’ve written content management systems from scratch before, but those were to solve extremely specific problems. Blogging is a problem that Automattic solved a long time ago with the advent of WordPress.

Anyway, welcome to my new running blog. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you do.

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