My name is Kendall Weaver and I’m a software developer and, more recently, a runner. I live, work, and play in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife Rachel and our dog Oscar.

For pretty much the entirety of my adult life I smoked like a chimney and didn’t participate in any sort of meaningful exercise. Some years ago after quitting smoking I picked up an inexpensive pair of running shoes and occasionally went a mile or two up and down the road. In retrospect this was more so I could tell myself that I was doing more than nothing.

In December 2016 this all changed. In what has to be the only time I’ve ever consciously responded to direct mail marketing, I went and signed up for the new $10-a-month Planet Fitness gym that opened its doors down the road from the apartment my wife and I were living in at the time.

That night I rummaged some gym clothes out of the closet, dusted off my years old running shoes, went down to the shiny new gym, and hopped on the treadmill. I ran until the machine literally cut off on me. I’ve been completely addicted to running ever since and in 2017 I completed my first race on July 4th, my first ultra on September 7th, and my first road marathon on October 14th.

Professionally I work as a software developer for Ringfree Communications Inc, a Hendersonville, NC based VoIP telephone provider servicing businesses small and large throughout the United States. I work mostly in PHP, Go, and Python and the bulk of my job is creating the systems that other Ringfree employees use to interact with company infrastructure. Ringfree is good to me and my bosses and coworkers encourage my running habit.